Heia, this is Astrid 👋

I am from Kvænangen/Skjervøy in Northern Norway, recently turned 25, and right now I am in my third year of the five year master's programme in design at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design while working with OpenBridge, an open-source design system for better and safer user interfaces on ships, aiming to reduce the carbon emissions in the ocean industry by helping ship operators make energy-efficient decisions 🌍.

Previously I have worked with SEAM and designed user interfaces for alarm systems at their electric ferries, as a part of my current position as a student assistant at Ocean Industries Concept Lab. During the summer of 2022 I worked at Big Fish, where I made social media content for Becour and helped design a new landing page for Marbly, a platform that makes it easier for companies to source renewable energy.

As a child I enjoyed taking photos (mostly horses), which sparked my interest for design and technology later on. I learned to code when I was 10, and at 19 I started my first job as a web designer/developer, after finishing my craft certificate in digital media design. I worked in Tromsø for a couple of years, before I decided to do a master's degree in interaction design, and moved to Oslo to become a full-time design student. If you want to read more about my career, take a look at my resumee! 🔎

When I am not at school working on design projects or designing components in Figma, you can probably find me in the stable, outside hiking in the forest, at a café sipping oat latte and writing something in my Moleskine, or maybe at a concert somewhere headbanging to a rock or metal band 🤟.

Astrid together with her horse, Theia
I used to have my own horse, Theia!