About the website

For the past seven years this website has served as my own personal sandbox for learning new technologies and maintaining my coding skills 👩🏻‍💻. The current version is hosted on Netlify and written with pure HTML, CSS and Javascript. Feel free to browse the code!

Previously I have used WordPress for the content, developing my own themes from scratch, but in order to reduce the size, I decided to move on to other solutions. You can still look through the code on Github 🔎.

Right now I am learning Sanity and planning to host my content there very soon, using Gatsby to deliver it to the frontend. I am hoping this will reduce the size and carbon footprint even more. Also, an option for switching to dark mode are on the way! 🌚


  • Images: 1200 kb
  • Other files: 400 kb
  • Total size: 1,5 mb


  • 100% performance
  • 100% availability
  • 100% best practice
  • 100% SEO

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