Heia! I'm from Northern Norway and I've always been passionate about design and technology. Currently I'm a design student at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design while working as a freelance designer & developer. This is my portfolio 👇

This is Astrid 👋

I'm from Kvænangen/Skjervøy in Northern Norway and right now I'm in my second year of the five year master's programme in design at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design while doing some freelance work in between. 🦄

I enjoy designing for screens and I always work with accessibility in mind. I learned to code when I was 10, and at 19 I started my first job as a web developer, after working for two years as graphic trainee at a marketing firm in Harstad. Since then I've been working as a web designer/developer in a few agencies in Tromsø, before I moved to Oslo to become a full-time design student. If you want to read more about my career, take a look at my resumee! 🔎

When I'm not at school working on some design project or helping out clients with their websites, you can find me outside riding in the forests or maybe at a concert somewhere headbanging to a metal band. 🤟

Astrid together with her horse, Theia
I used to have my own horse, Theia!